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Chemtrails - Toxic Poison In The Sky [DVD - 2h]

Chemtrails - Toxic Poison In The Sky [DVD - 2h]

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The questions no one is asking! The Story no one is telling!

Have you or those in your family suffered from colds on a more frequent basis compared with past years? Are you having trouble breathing, are your allergies acting up, or perhaps you’re one of the tens of thousands of people who make up the 600% increase in asthma sufferers over the last few years? There is an unusual phenomenon occurring in the skies above America, and around the world, that is being ignored by the mainstream media.

People across the country are noticing planes crossing back and forth in the sky, leaving in their wake a trail of vapor that does not evaporate. These are not your normal commercial airlines following a preordained path from city to city. There mysterious, unmarked planes leave smoke-like trails behind them that spread until, by the afternoon, they have blossomed and grown until the skies have become overcast. Officials from the Air Traffic Control, the EPA, and the Air Force will not respond to questions regarding this phenomenon.

This film takes you into the possible reasons and adverse reactions to what is seemingly a massive, top-secret, world wide program of chemical spraying. After you have seen the evidence and heard the testimony of the experts, you will have to ask yourself, and your elected representatives, what is really going on in the not so friendly skies.

* This DVD is Region Free so will play on 99.9% of DVD players. The DVD comes as shown with full colour artwork in a PVC sleeve.*

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