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Dear Krishna Angels!

The incense arrived safe and sound, bless you! It's absolutely heavenly, one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Congratulations on providing such a wonderful service and such an excellent product...absolutely first rate. Absolutely divine fragrances and the 'Special Rose' is by far the best Rose incense I have ever experienced in forty years of using incense, so amazingly sweet and beautiful, no acridity whatsoever. 'Miracle' is an apt description!

Many thanks and all best wishes.  Love and Hari Krishna blessings


Thankyou so much for my second order from you, more beautiful incense has arrived along with your personal best wishes once more, which are very much appreciated and so uplifting.

I shall recommend you to everyone i know. Wishing you a truly inspirational day


Hi, thanks for the incense it smells lovely!


Dear Mukundaji and Gauriji,
Hare Krishna!
I have received my incense. Thank you for having dispatched my incense so quickly.
Thank you for enclosing the samples as well.
I have already burned, half of all the incenses I ordered and I truly love Supreme Chandan and Special Sandal.
Chocolate Deluxe smells amazing.
I find Pink Sayali and Absolute Night Queen very similar to pure Incense.com absolute range. I have frequently ordered from them. They smell lovely, but I find the oil content very high, which keeps making my wooden incense box extremely sticky because of which I have to keep replacing them every 2 months.
I prefer DRY MASALA HAND ROLLED INCENSE. Can you recommend some for my next purchase? My preference is subtle and not too overpowering.
Sorry, also would you be able to tell me where I can get pure sandalwood powder?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you & Warm Regards


Hey there you 2 lovely people.

Got the incense today super fast, couldnt believe it, thank you so very much. The packaging was superb, everything labeled neatly and the samples look great I can not wait to try them out. I burnt a Cedarwood straight away, it burnt for nearly an hour, and smells totally amazing. Thanks for the reading material Ill take a look of that later on today.

I am so glad I have finally found someone who cares so much about their product. This is some of the best customer service and extremely high quality product I have ever experienced and you two seem so lovely, I am very glad to have met you, if only on line in an email:)

I cant praise the way the sticks arrived enough, all individually wrapped and labled. Before I came to you I asked could I pay for samples from different places and the company just couldnt be bothered and said they didnt do that. But you could not be more helpful, and thats how things should be.

In the next few days ill be sampling the other scents and you can garantee ill be ordering more!

Thanks so much and speak to you soon

My warmest regards

Peter (an extremely happy customer)

Dear Mukunda and Gauri,

I am happy to let you know that my order arrived today. I have already burned two sticks and I must say I am very, very pleasantly surprised by the quality. I absolutely agree with your slogan, "Heavenly incense at earthly prices".

To answer your question where I found your shop, I had read a few positive reviews on your incense, by a reader at the incense review site


Thank you very much and until another time.


Lars Klungel

I have recieved the incense today, and i must say i am impressed. i started out with one of the cheaper ones that you offer radha madhav tulsi and it has the most wonderful sent of green flowers, wood og caramel. This is amazing incense, very high class This is indian incense when its best. And thanks for your lovely note have a great day best regards


Hello, My incense arrived today-spectacular service indeed!-and Thank You so much for the free samples,already enjoying the Shyam! I'll be buying many more as for family and friends,perfect gifts! With Thanks again,&wishes for Happy Day's to you & yours :)


Thank you so much for my incense, the samples and the lovely note! Just got in but i m already burning hari leela.... Love it! I ll be ordering from you again for sure!

Warm wishes


hi, i've now successfully ordered some incense - thanks so much for that, i'm really impressed at your customer service there, i'll certainly be telling friends about this.

peace :)


Thankyou so much for my second order from you, more beautiful incense has arrived along with your personal best wishes once more, which are very much appreciated and so uplifting.

I shall recommend you to everyone i know.

Wishing you a truly inspirational day


Dear Krishna Angels!

The incense arrived safe and sound, bless you! It's absolutely heavenly, one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Congratulations on providing such a wonderful service and such an excellent product...absolutely first rate. Absolutely divine fragrances and the 'Rose Supreme' is by far the best Rose incense I have ever experienced in forty years of using incense, so amazingly sweet and beautiful, no acridity whatsoever. 'Miracle' is an apt description!

Many thanks and all best wishes

Love and Hari Krishna blessings


My dearest friends,  I have received all my incense very professionally packed and delivered. Thank you so much for so many wonderful free samples,I am very grateful.

The free sample of gaura pink sayli was of reasonable strength and good quality (I also had never experienced this particular scent and found it absolutely fabulous, like rose but even more superior, enchanting and full of love, kindness and love, almost of Lord Krishna himself.) You introduced me to a rare flower scent which i NEVER would have tried,which is now a firm favorite, so i'm sure Krishna-God was directing us to delight me to what I needed.

I have tried the first of my new incenses(Gokula 'himalaya'),which i thought i would try as i know i love sandalwood but have never tried saffron, I am burning it now, and the incredible quality of this incense at such a low price with a scent that transports me to delight is so satisfying I cannot thank you enough. It was fantastic, potent, extremely high quality and superb scent, an absolute bargain,outstanding.


Hari Om! Dearest Gauriji Devi.

My incense arrived with todays post & immediately I lit one full of hopes that it was the one I remembered burning before...........what Divine gift as my home was filled with truly the fragrance of Krishnas promised heaven! I am blessed indeed.

All gratitude to you for the service & may your day be filled with all blessings to fill your heart with Bliss.

Until further orders are needed.....

Jai Sri Krishna


I have started to review some of the incenses from http://www.gokula-incense.co.uk and wanted to add a note on the extraordinarily swift and efficient service they provide.The goods arrive by return of post even when ordered in the afternoon. The English postal service is not what it once was…so as anyone who lives in the UK will attest, that turnaround is pretty remarkable.


And yet another superlative U.K. based brand of incense sticks ! http://www.gokula-incense.co.uk I will do a full review of some of their Gaura range in a few days. For now I will simply immerse myself in their sheer quality.


OK An initial look at three incenses from http://www.gokula-incense.co.uk:

First. Absolute Sandalwood On first lighting a stick I assumed that we were in familiar Madhavadas territory again. And we may be, but this stick differs from the more recent Pure-Incense sticks of the same name. It is more reminiscent of Jivadas Sandalwood. Which I suspect is also a product of the same family. But one I prefer to the Pure-Incense version… Riddles within riddles. Its a superb stick of incense. Rich and clear and redolent.

Secondly Vrindavan Supreme. This differs both from Pure-incenses style of incense, and from other incenses with Vrindavan in the name. It is more like a fluxo in style. A type of incense which is not always to my taste, but this is a good one. Lots of bottom and a sharp citrusy top.So different from the Madhavadas style that I suspect that Gokula might source their products from various makers.

Goloka Supreme.This is unlike any incense I have ever smelled. It is a strawberry champa. I have experienced strawberry incenses before, most notably Fred Solls glorious heavy strawberry and pinon stick, but this is nothing like that. The jury is out on this one. I really dont know what to make of it. I will return to it… More to come.....


Goloka Supreme revisited. This strawberry incense is growing on me a lot. It smells like no other incense stick I have encountered. It has a deep wine-like smell of strawberry, but also a balancing woody tone, and touches of an angelica like sweetness. A very nice stick.

Absolute Agarwood. from http://www.gokula-incense.co.uk A confession, as I have said elsewhere I am not the worlds greatest agarwood/oudh fan…but this is sensational. A beautifully balanced creamy/aromatic scent of great refinement. I would be very interested to see what MIke and Ross as real agarwood afficianados would make of it.

Absolute Chaitanya. From http://www.gokula-incense.co.uk Another superb stick. I would hazard a guess that a very good quality sandalwood oil features here. But there is a top note reminiscent of almond blossom. Something high and ethereal. A beautifully balanced incense that shows both outgoing yang qualities and more interior yin qualities. Highly recommended.


I continue to be highly impressed by the products offered by http://www.gokula-incense.co.uk.  I am less convinced now that they come from the Madhavas family..or perhaps some do and others in the range are sourced from elsewhere. I guess the easiest thing would be to ask them.. 

For example the Gaura Rose Supreme differs completely from any of the Pure-Incense or Jivada rose sticks…but is a delightful rose incense in its own right. It is more like the cottage industry incenses produced by Auroville, but with a higher concentration of oils , making it more intense.

The Aguru ( again in the Gaura range ) is superb, complex and ethereal. A variation on Agarwood I deduce.

Krishna Champa is wonderful. The nearest I have come to it before is Pure-Incense Hari Leela… Interestingly I see that Gokula do a Hari-Leela too in the Gaura range… I must investigate…


I have just recieved a whole new batch of incenses from the superb http://www.gokula-incense.co.uk range. Gauri Devi and Mukunda Dasa the sites owners have confirmed my surmise, that some of the Gaura range are from the Madhava family..but others are from other artisan incense makers in the Holy City of Vrindavan.

I will concentrate on those varieties which are clearly not Madhava..as those have been extensively reviewed in their Pure-Incense presentation.

There are a number so it will take some time to work through them. Firstly a quite remarkable stick..totally unique in my experience.. Chocolate Supreme. ( sic ) I will admit on reading the name I was somewhat dubious.. The reality though is a revelation. It is worth remembering that natural chocolate is not sweet, Its sweetness is the result of added sugar. This incense, which like all of the range has no hint of synthetics, is rich and deep but not over sweet at all. It is instead complex and has top notes of a floral nature. Quite delightful.

Another wonderful incense…Shiva Shambu from http://www.gokula-incense.co.uk. Rich honeyed and with a herby depth..perhaps Tulsi ? ( sacred Basil ). One for confirmed Indian incense lovers. Its uncompromising.

Super Patchouli. I am not on the whole a patchouli lover. My consciousness when presented with patchouli is imprinted with an indelible association with wet hippy. But this is a clean and balanced stick which reminds one that Patchouli is a shrubby herb of the mint family. Very nice.


An incense from a different range carried by http://www.gokula-incense.co.uk.From the Gokula range Radha Ras Bihari. This is a remarkable stick which is likely to gain detractors as well as fans..It is big and pungent and in my view, splendid. It reminds me a lot of a traditional incense called Cintamani. If you like that you will like this…rose, pine and lemon.

Gaura is clearly the premium range carried by http://www.gokula-incense.co.uk, but their eponymously named Gokula range has some very good sticks …as well as some that are good but less distinguished. One of the better ones in the range is ” Gold Highness”..this reminds me of the Orchid incense in the excellent Nilachal range from Orissa…sweet and rich.

Parijat from the Radha Madhav range. Parijat is a commonly encountered scent source on Indian incense, It takes its name from a highly scented white flower that grows on a certain tree in India where you can pick them up from the ground around in morning still smelling sweet, as the tree produces a fresh crop each day. This is a good example of the scent, sweet as you would expect, but balanced by an almost riverine earthiness. Like alluvial mud..which is nicer than I have just made it sound.

Two more incenses from the Gokula range of http://www.gokula-incense.co.uk Kesar Chandan. kesar is saffron and chandan is sandal..this is an unusual stick. The proportion of the main ingredients giving a smell which is greater than the sum of its parts…I do not have the powers of description of a Mike or Ross, but this stick smells of something ancient or perhaps timeless..the stall of a Aryuvedic doctor in Bharat in 1400 C.E….

Tulsi Masala..Tulsi is sacred basil. It is a popular ingredient in a number of Indian Incenses, and this is a good one..the sweet anise and mace aroma of basil is captured nicely..delicious.

A return to Chocolate Supreme Champa from http://www.gokula-incense.co.uk Its been a couple of weeks since I burned one of these extraordinary sticks..and they are truly magnificent.They do not smell strongly of chocolate neither are they overly sweet..they have though a gorgeous honeyed richness with a top note of almond and a distinct fruitiness. I think they are a masterpiece of the Indian- incense makers art..

http://www.gokula-incense.co.uk seem to carry a more interesting range of Gokula And Gopala scents than some sites..but the real glory is their Gaura range of premium varieties from various artisan incense makers…including, but not restricted to, the Madhava family.


"Hey...thank you,i get them...today i ordered more...i love them so much...they make me so powerful, its pure aromatherapy..thank you so much,HARI BOL!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Dear Gauriji, I was very pleased to receive our incense. I was delighted with all the gift samples you sent us ,we look forward to trying them. Lovely incense! Best wishes"


"If you want incense look no further, they are THE BEST!!!! Haribol!"


"Hi there! My order arrived today, many thanks for the free samples. Hari leela have been a favourite of mine but has been hard to come by. Glad you are stocking them.

All the best

Kindest regards"


"Dear Gauriji

The incense arrived today all intact, thank you very much for the fast service! And thank you very much for taking the time to label all those samples as well, I will look forward to trying them all!

I burned the Vrindavan Supreme this evening as that is one of my favorite scents, and it was very nice indeed, lasted a good length of time and filled the whole home as well, just half a stick would have probably been enough! :)

I will certainly be noting down which of the samples are my favorites and doing my next order on that basis. I used to buy lovely incense at a market in Bromley but since moving away couldn't find any decent quality anywhere, so I'm glad I found your website.

Thank you again for the great service!

Best wishes"


"Dear Mukunda,
Hare Krishna, Thank you very much. As ever they make my home smell heavenly! So far they are the best incense I have ever experienced....in the world!!!
Thank you and love"


Hi there, I am pleased these scents are in stock. I burned them years ago, but constant price increases at a particular shop meant i needed a bank loan to buy them! I am pleased you have them and are selling them at realistic prices. Kind regards
[Gaura Incense > Vrindavan Supreme, Absolute Agarwood, Pink Sayli]


Just gorgeous incense many thanks


The BEST incense ever and very fast delivery - VERY pleased


The incense is glorious.... Happy Janmastmi. Haribol


Thank you! They are amazing incenses!


Many thanks for the lovely incense.....Hare Krishna...All glories to Srila Prabhupada


Thank you! The incense sticks are beautiful!!! The best!!!!! *HARE KRISHNA* :)


Hello Gauriji, many thanks for your message and for the incense, I love it ! and will definitely be back. Very best wishes


Thank you very much for the lovely incense!! and for the free sample!


Really lovely incense! Great service - Ill be back again! Hare Krishna!


Dear Gauriji Devi, Hare Krishna. My incense arrived yesterday and, it makes me very happy its beautiful, so, thank you so much. Love.


Very nice long lasting scent, Surprised packaging, different. Thank you.


Finally found some genuine Indian incense sticks! Thank you :)


Haribol Gauriji Devi, the incense arrived safely and quickly today - I am very happy with it! Take good care and all pranams


Love the incense, exactly what I was hoping for + Super-fast shipping! Namaste

Bazaar Bohemia

Quality Incense. Good Price. Fast Delivery. A+++ Hare Krsna!


Wonderful incense! Well wrapped, speedy delivery, Lovely note enclosed. Wonderful! Thank you.


Hare Krishna, We have today received the amazing smelling Vrindavan Flower incense . Thank you also for the samples of the other incense , a good way of trying out if you like the smell without committing to a whole pack. Many thanks


Received incense about 2 days ago and very pleased to have found a place where I can purchase Gold Sandal. Thank you so much for your Service. Om Shanti


"Excellent. Very fine Incense. Thanks for samples. Will undoubtedly buy again."