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Ghatothkach - Master Of Magic

Ghatothkach - Master Of Magic

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Ghatothkach - Master Of Magic

Ghatothkach, lovingly called ’Ghattu’ is the prince of the forest and is blessed with extra-ordinary powers. He has loads of fun with his magical powers, but also uses them to protect everyone around him. As a five year old, he rescues ’Gajju’ - a baby elephant which leads to a lifelong friendship.

The film is the journey of a prince and his elephant friend - full of magic, fun and adventure. When challenged by evil forces that are out to destroy him and to stop him from fulfilling his destiny, Ghattu and Gajju form an invincible team to fight them. Together, they unite two soul mates  against all odds, in their own unique funny way.

91 minutes.

Language: English
Subtitles: English

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