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Jataka Tales - Moral Stories

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Six Animated Short Stories of Jataka Tales in English: 1. KING SUBUDDHI, THE GREAT - This is a story of an extremely kind hearted and gentle king, named King Subuddhi. He not only preached but also practiced non-violence in every form. How his beliefs and good deeds won him back his kingdom form the crux of this story. 2. THE CLEVER MONKEY - This is the well-loved tale of the clever monkey who used his wits to narrowly escape his death at the hands of the wily crocodile. This tale teaches us how we can get out of tricky situations by keeping our wits about us. It also emphasizes the importance of being a good loser. 3. A PRINCE OF MONKEYS - This is the story of a monkey king who didn’t want to relinquish his throne at any cost and the lengths he went to, to remain ruler. But when one of his heirs evades his evil plans of making him unfit to rule, we see how the King’s son’s cunning and metal agility help him win the crown. 4. THE ROYAL ELEPHANT - This is the story of friendship not just between men but between a king and his favourite subject an elephant. This touching tale reveals the importance of the values of friendship and loyalty and proves how they transcend all boundaries. 5. PRINCE FIVE-WEAPONS AND STICKY HAIR - This tale teaches us a valuable lesson that it is not the external weapons we possess or the armory we have that will help us in any crisis the only weapons we need are within us. They are our presence of mind and strength of character. In this story, a young prince uses these qualities to outwit a ferocious demon named Sticky Hair. 6. SMART BUSINESS - In this fable, we see how a poor young boy named Seethu earns great riches for himself and prospers in life simply by being extremely shrewd and cunning in all his business dealings. He starts off with just an investment of a dead rat and goes on to earn a great fortune

60 minutes.

Language: English
Subtitles: English

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