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Moon Hoax DVDs

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Did We Land on the Moon? [DVD - 45m]
Sceptics analyze the discrepancies and inconsistencies in the evidence that men landed on the moon in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Their conclusion: NASA faked the moon landings! Evidence of deception includes: the p...
Secret Space [DVD - 2h+]
A feature length 2 hour documentary exposing the hidden history of NASA, and the organisations links to The Illuminati network of Secret Societies. This film exposes NASAs secret space programme controlled by senior O...
The Eagle Has Landed!"Magic, Alchemy, Outer Space - Texe Marrs [DVD -1h55m]
The Eagle Has Landed!"Magic, Alchemy, and the Illuminati Conquest of Outer Space - Texe Marrs [DVD -1h55m]" The Zodiac and Devils: Find out why the badges, patches, symbols, and logos of the astronauts and the spa...
What Happened on the Moon [2 DVDs - 3h 44m]
An Investigation Into Apollo. New evidence clearly suggests that NASA hoaxed pictures allegedly taken on the lunar surface. This compelling program throws into serious doubt the authenticity of the Apollo missions and f...