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Natural Ayurvedic Healing Incense

We thought we would let you know about our new Natural Ayurvedic Healing Incense that we now have available Click Here to View

These incense sticks are totally natural and organic. They are hand made according to ancient Ayurvedic recipes and contain fine healing herbs and resins. We have these in two brands:

Chakra Ayurvedic Incense Click Here to View

Meditation Ayurvedic Incense Click Here to View


Four New Scents Now Available!

We thought we would let you know about the following scents that we now have available:

Super Vrindavan Flower "A very subtle and exquisitely beautiful scent. A Top Quality Incense!"

Special Sandal "Sweet and Floral. The classic Sandalwood fragrance. A Top Quality Incense!"

Citronella Masala "A Beautifully Sweet, Bright and Zesty Aroma. A Top Quality Incense!"

Sri Sai Flora Fluxo "This mystic aroma is specially formulated to worship God, to deoderize Living Quarters and to create a peaceful atmosphere for everyday activities."


Five New Gaura Incense Scents Available!

We now have available five new Gaura scents, they are:

Agarwood Supreme "Our best Agarwood incense, absolutely stunning! Potent waves of natural Agarwood with delicate notes of pure Musk. A truely connoisseur scent that clears the mind and brings the serenity and clarity of a tropical rainforest. Simply Heavenly!"

Mukunda Supreme "A beautifully sweet floral incense with a sublime combination of jasmine, lotus, jhuhi, kewra and parijata. A truly celestial scent that will delight the mind and senses. Simply Heavenly!"

Musk Heena "A divinely uplifting floral incense with sweet swirling high notes that infuse the heart with joy. This scent is very special indeed with it's magical combination of Musk and Heena and will surely become a favourite. Simply Heavenly!"

Varshana "The powerful and extremely earthly scent of green champa permeates this special scent. A grounding incense with dancing sweet notes. Wonderful and intoxicating. Simply Heavenly!"

Krishna Priya "A beautiful blend of essential oils smelling like a mystical floral garden. The exhilarating sweet heady high notes from this blooming scent will delight you. Simply Heavenly!"


Seven New Gaura Incense Scents Available!

We now have available seven new Gaura scents, they are:

Blue Lotus "The scent of Blue Lotus has a rich, intoxicating quality that evokes the warm, misty, and voluptuous atmosphere of tropical forests or gardens. Simply Heavenly!"

Golden Champa "Extracted from the creamy yellow blossoms of the Golden Champa tree. A rich, full, sweet blend full of vanilla, honey, spice and a floral oil that’s like a different take on a blooming jasmine or magnolia like aroma. Simply Heavenly!"

Radharani "An absolutely divine rose scent with uplifting saffron notes. A dreamy scent that touches the heart with its calming sweetness. Simply Heavenly!"

Super Amber "A beautiful earthy sweetness with a hint of dark sensous spice. Amber is a mystical and warming incense as suggested by its rich terracotta colour. Thought to have beneficial balancing properties. Simply Heavenly!"

Super Green Champa "A strong and extremely earthly champa with dry pungent notes opening up flowing waves of floral oils. Simply Heavenly!"

Super Kesar Chandan "An intoxicating scent blended from saffron and sandalwood. The paste of chandan (sandalwood) and kesar (saffron) create a cooling and earthy fragrance. Simply Heavenly!"

Yellow Rose "A gorgeously light and refreshing incense. Sweet floral notes in a breezy summer rose garden. Simply Heavenly!"


Gopala Scents Moved To Our Gokula Brand.

All our popular Gopala scents have now been moved into our Gokula Brand.


Gokula Dhoop Sticks Now Available

We have now introduced our own natural dhoop sticks. You can view them here


New Scents Available

We now have available two new beautiful scents in our Gaura Range namely Chocolate Supreme and Absolute Night Queen.


You Need To Create An accout To Purchase In Our New Shop.

With our new shop you need to create an account with us first, by entering your e-mail and a password. You do this when you go to the check out area for the first time. Then you can pay with your Paypal account or credit card. So please make a username and password to shop with us. Then the next time you shop you will use the same username and password to log in again.

Thank you.

With Love Mukunda dasa

New Gokula Incense Shop

Hare Krishna my friend, we hope you are enjoying our new shop.

Along with the new shop we have introduced three nice scents in our Gaura Range. Goloka Supreme (strawberry) is becoming very popular. It is a sensational fragrance which like all our incense is completely natural!

Also check out the Ananda Flora Fluxo Incense which is also new in stock. It is a powerful long burning earthy masala. You can check all our new products HERE

All the best.

With Love Mukunda dasa.

Vrindavan Champa Renamed

To keep a friend of ours happy we have now renamed Vrindavan Champa as Krishna Champa. Same incense, same quality, just a new name so everyone is happy.