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Primo Connoisseur Patchouli Incense Sticks (20 grams)

Primo Connoisseur Patchouli Incense Sticks (20 grams)

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"Light and airy, gently refreshing and joyfully uplifting. Simply Heavenly!"

Primo is a brand recognized throughout the world for rich scents and unexcelled quality. It has been made by hand since 1860 by the Haridas Madhavdas Family in India. It is, simply put, the world's finest connoisseur incense. If you want the absolute finest clean burning incense available, look no further, here it is!

Fragrance: Light and airy, gently refreshing and joyfully uplifting. Simply Heavenly!

Burning Time Per Stick: 1 hour [approx.]

Sticks Per 20 Gram Pack: 16 [approx.]
* This scent is also sold in our Gaura Range as Super Patchouli.

All fragrances are prepared from nature's finest essential oils and exotic flowers along with many different wood and tree powders, rare resins, aromatic herbs, and spices. Haridas Madhavdas incense has a mellow, mildly sweet character in a variety of floral, woodsy, and other popular scents.

This is a premium hand rolled masala. These fine incenses do not contain sawdust, coconut husk, formaldehyde or glycols. They are made from herbs, premium woods, resins, and flowers to create an exceptionally fragrant product without the aroma of cheap perfumes and carrier oils and no smoky waste wood or scented blanks. These products are often imitated but no dipped fragrance stick can compare with a premium masala. And these won't become stale in a week or two since the fragrances are from herbs, flowers and other premium ingredients not volatile synthetic fragrance imitations or extracts. You get a whole aromatic symphony, not just a note.

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