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Pure Vietnamese Agarwood Incense Sticks - 20 grams - Super Connoisseur Quality

Pure Vietnamese Agarwood Incense Sticks - 20 grams - Super Connoisseur Quality

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"A Super Connoisseur quality Agarwood incense, made from natural Vietnamese Agarwood trees. The beautiful aroma of this high quality incense is calming and uplifting"

* Our Pure Vietnamese Agarwood Incense is made of 100% ground Agarwood.

* No other substances such as fillers are used.

* So these naturally scented incense sticks are the finest quality product you can find.

Sticks Per 20 Gram Pack: 17 [approx.]

Agarwood (Oud or Oudh) is known as the Wood of God as it has so much to offer from religious practices to healthy lives.

Agarwood incense's ethereal aroma brings energy to calm the mind and spirit, enhances sense of peace, brings alertness and provides devotion for meditation.

Agarwood incenses could be used to create not only a sacred ambience but also a memorable experience.

Light it in a lounge room to start your conversation, air purification, meditation or just give life to your room.

Agarwood is said to calm the nervous system, expel negative energies, bring alertness, relieve anxiety, invoke a sense of strength and peace and enhance cerebral functioning. In Ancient Vedic tradition its said to bring energy to calm the mind and spirit and to provide motivation and the necessary devotion for meditation.

Agarwood means "sinking fragrance", the divine aroma  which was formed when the air blends in with oleo resin leaking from the wounds on Aquilaria tree, gradually tempered by time, sun, wind  and other climate conditions to become the universal holy aroma.


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