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Purple Fluorite Crystal Gemstone Dowsing Pendulum

Purple Fluorite Crystal Gemstone Dowsing Pendulum

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This beautiful Dowsing Pendulum is made from polished natural Purple Fluorite. The highest quality materials have been used to reveal the natural beauty of this product.

The pendulum measure between 35mm and 45mm in length and comes with a 6 inch silver coloured chain.

The product you receive will vary slightly from the picture due to the unique nature of polished gemstones.

Benefits and Qualities:

It is protective at a psychic level; cutting of psychic manipulation and undue mental influence. It is known as the crystal for organization as it helps overcome chaos and reorganize anything that is not in perfect order. Fluorite also helps with balance and coordination. When placed in environment it clears all negativity and promotes structure and clear thinking in the occupants. When worn on body, fluorite enhances mental skills, increases self-confidence and benefits the bones and teeth.

Fluorite usually has different bands of colour making it a popular decorative stone. Fluorite is said to help with absorbing new ideas and bringing order to chaos. It cleanses and stabilizes the aura and is believed to be effective against computer and electromagnetic emanations.

In crystal healing Fluorite can be placed on the Brow Chakra. It is reputed to be a powerful healer and is believed to be good at fending off colds and flu, reducing the pain of arthritis and reducing the discomfort of shingles and other nerve related pain. It is also thought to rekindle sexual libido. Stroked across the body toward the heart, this crystal is said to provide pain relief.

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