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Spectro-Chrome Colour Therapy Products

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Complete Spectro-Chrome Colour Therapy Combo Kit
The complete kit for your home practice of Spectro-Chrome Colour Therapy.
Let There Be Light: A Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Colour Therapy - Darius Dinshah
This book is an informative and practical guide to Spectro-Chrome Colour Therapy. This natural home healing system is surprisingly simple and only requires an incandescent lamp and a set of color filters.
Membership of the Dinshah Health Society
Become a member of the Dinshah Health Society. Includes Forecast times, and Newsletters when published, usually four per year.
Roscolene Filter Kit For Spectro-Chrome Colour Therapy
This Roscolene filter kit, authorized by the Dinshah Health Society, contains all the 12 colours required for the practice of Spectro-Chrome Colour Therapy.