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Spiritual Awakening DVDs

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DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral - Dr Len Horowitz [2 DVDs - 3h30m]
Description: Nearly 4-hours of Dr. Horowitz at his best on this DVD discussing his latest scientific determinations in the field of electrogenetics. This monumental book, written for "intelligent lay persons and above,"...
ENERGY HEALING - Donna Eden [DVD - 1h44m]
Energy Medicine is based on the principle that the health of body, mind, and spirit are anchored in the body's energy systems. Health problems can be diminished, and often overcome, by intelligently shifting the energie...
Guide to Self Realization - Prabhupada [DVD - 3 Hours]
In this amazing three our DVD Prabhupada the greatest enemy of the Illuminati who exposed their Planned Moon Landing Hoax scam as early as 1957, speaks out loud and clear on: God * Reincarnation * Karma * Meditatio...
Healing Celebrations - Dr Len Horowitz (4 DVDs total over 8 Hours]
Based on Dr. Horowitz two best-selling books, Emerging Viruses and Healing Celebrations, this 8-hour DVD "live" presentation reveals the hidden truths regarding your health, well-being, and miraculous healings along wit...
Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse - Len Horowitz [2 DVDs - 4 Hours]
In this 4-hour double DVD presentation, Dr. Horowitz explains why nearly half of the worlds current population should soon be dead His assertions are based on authoritative scientific projections and Bible prophesy.
This is a very exciting new concept talk by Clint Denyer that our earth is hollow. Clint will be presenting evidence and giving accounts of expeditions to substantiate the existence of the hollow earth and the existence...