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TAKEOVER OF PLANET EARTH - Jordan Maxwell [DVD - 2h50m]

TAKEOVER OF PLANET EARTH - Jordan Maxwell [DVD - 2h50m]

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This is a long-awaited, blockbuster of an up to date interview with one of the greatest alternative researchers of our time. Here Jordan Maxwell tells all: and builds, through the three hour video, to present his firm conclusions about what is happening on Planet Earth. According to Jordan, the picture is not pretty, the Earth is not controlled by human beings, that the human race is currently being mutated, and, to put it mildly, we are all in some degree of trouble. Jordan goes places in his testimony that he has not spoken about publicly before in any venue. He goes on record stating "the reptilians are real" and backing it up. He also talks about the reality (and return) of the Anunnaki. Staggering details as Jordan unveils what’s really going on.

Running Time 2 Hours 50 mins

* This DVD is Region Free so will play on 99.9% of DVD players. The DVD comes as shown with full colour artwork in a PVC sleeve.*

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