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The Light Behind Masonry - Bill Schnoebelen [DVD - 2h30m]

The Light Behind Masonry - Bill Schnoebelen [DVD - 2h30m]

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Masonry. . . To some, it’s a fine, Christian organization. But to higher level Masons, who know what goes on behind the scenes, it’s something much different.

While a witch, William Schnoebelen studied hard to achieve the 32° of Masonry. But the higher he climbed, the more ungodliness he discovered. Here are the inside secrets of Masonry. If you think a person can be a good Christian and a good Mason, you need the facts.

Did you know that:


To be a Mason, you must first take an oath that is in reality a denial of Jesus Christ!

The father of modern Masonry said "Lucifer is God!"

Get the hidden facts from someone who learned what lower level Masons never hear. . . that utter darkness lies behind the light of Masonry.

* This DVD is Region Free so will play on 99.9% of DVD players. The DVD comes as shown with full colour artwork in a PVC sleeve.*

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