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THE ROBOTS’ REBELLION - David Icke (DVD - 2.25 hrs]

THE ROBOTS’ REBELLION - David Icke (DVD - 2.25 hrs]

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Filmed in Liverpool, England, 11/10/94]

*Who really controls the world and the daily lives of everyone in it?

*Who is behind the manipulation of the world economic system, environmental destruction and the cynical provision of drugs to the young? *Who is to blame for the suppression of spiritual knowledge and the engineering of wars and conflict across the globe? *Is there a massive cover-up about the activities of the UFO s and extraterrestrials on earth?

David Icke has the answers. And, in the Robots Rebellion, one of the most controversial and challenging Tours of the modern times, he is not afraid to point the finger!

Nothing of importance happens by accident, says Icke - from the engineering and funding of world wars to the murders of such inspiring figures as John & Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King and John Lennon.

* This DVD is Region Free so will play on 99.9% of DVD players. The DVD comes as shown with full colour artwork in a PVC sleeve.*


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