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THE MATRIX is more than just a film. The pure soul entrapped in the Matrix's gross and subtle material elements
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His Divine Grace
A. C. Bhaktivedanta
Swami Prabhupada.

Paperback book, 96 pages.

THE MATRIX is more than just a film. The pure soul entrapped in the Matrixs gross and subtle material elements of earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and false ego is now in illusion and completely forgetful of his real identity and existence of eternity, knowledge and bliss. By this false identification the soul conditioned by the Matrix, lives in fear of death and becomes a slave to lust, greed, anger and envy. The conditioned soul by contacting a liberated soul attains the path of freedom from Illusion. Then his war with the Matrix begins&


At the present time there is a great struggle between good and evil. The demoniac leaders of the world are desperately trying to put into place a New World Order of tyranny by using terror tactics like 911 on the innocent public. Although there is a gradual awakening in the hearts and minds of the people to this sinister agenda, the real solutions to it are not known.

The stringent karmic laws of the Matrix ensure that every action has a reaction, what goes around comes around. As we sow our seeds in the cruel and vicious treatment of animals in the slaughterhouse chain, we will reap the results in the form of nuclear war and a New World Order of fear and terror.

If a section of the people awaken to this real slavery enforced upon them by the Matrix or the material world of repeated birth, death, disease and old age and take to the spiritual path of freedom from illusion, the demoniac leaders of the world and their satanic movement will be defeated. Thus there will rise up a Spiritual World Order of peace, joy, enlightenment and equality for all.

If one wants freedom from the Matrix one needs help from a soul who is beyond its influence, beyond birth and death, as the bound cannot free the bound. In this book you will get a small sample from a reservoir of knowledge mercifully given by such a liberated soul, namely His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedata Swami Prabhupäda.

Srila Prabhupada came to the western world to fulfil the mission of his spiritual master. Surviving two heart attacks on the long journey across the sea he arrived in America from India with only a case of his spiritual books and seven dollars. After a year of struggle with nowhere to live he attracted some sincere souls by chanting Hare Krishna in a New York park. From these humble beginnings Srila Prabhupada established a world wide movement of over a hundred temples and self sufficient farm communities.

Srila Prabhupada’s most significant contribution, however, is his books. He wrote more than sixty volumes of authoritative annotated translations and summary studies of the philosophical and religious classics of India. In just twelve years, in spite of his advanced age, Srila Prabhupada circled the globe fourteen times on lecture tours that took him to six continents. In spite of such a vigorous schedule, Srila Prabhupada continued to write prolifically, sleeping only two to three hours a day. His writings constitute a veritable library of Vedic philosophy, religion, literature and culture.

Although Srila Prabhupada’s movement was infiltrated by the agents of the Matrix namely the Illuminati, their attempts to destroy his mission will fail. Srila Prabhupada has descended from the transcendental world by the order of the Lord to start a spiritual revolution in the impious lives of this worlds misdirected civilization. Now is the time for all to transcend the Matrix and attain freedom from illusion.


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What I think that the reader will find most important about this book is that truth is out there and also for anyone who seeks it out like that pearl of most precious worth!

The inside art work and photo's were great!

Joseph Eric Skarlandt | San Carlos | September 2021