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Vanilla Incense

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Agarwood & Vanilla Incense Sticks - 20 grams
A beautifully balanced creamy/aromatic scent of great refinement. Woody with sweet and camphoric notes, this wonder of wonders will delight the nose and unlock your subconscious.Simply Heavenly!
Chocolate & Vanilla Incense Sticks - 20 grams
A luscious and tempting scent that melts the heart with it's unadulterated sweetness. Be enlivened by the aroma of freshly ground cocoa beans, comforted by milky warm vanilla and grounded by sandalwood notes. Simply Heavenly!
Sandalwood & Vanilla Incense Sticks - 20 grams
Rich, clear and redolent. The benchmark in a pure sandalwood stick - sweet and woody. Be totally amazed at the never-before-seen quality. Simply Heavenly!