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A TALE OF A WISE KING AND WITTY GHOST. First Time In Animation The Legend Comes Alive In Action. Vikram-Betal, the story that mesmerizes millions of readers with its fascinating medieval and mythological enchantments of ancient India the story of Vikramaditya a brave and wise king who matches his wits with a living corpse to bring prosperity to his kingdom. This exciting story is a battle of wits that promises the viewers intriguing tales of palace and edge-of-the-seat adventures tales of monsters and angels, kings and commoners, damsels in distress and pining princes. Tree Of Wealth is the story of a king, a prince and a commoner friend. It's the love story of a king with a mermaid princess. The Hungry Giant is the story of a king torn between his love for the people of his kingdom and his love for the daughter of the enemy king. The Deserving Suitor is the story of a beautiful princess who has to choose between three handsome and capable suitors to be her husband one who is brave and strong to kill an evil lovesick monster with supernatural powers. Get set to enter into this fabulous world of adventure of epic proportions.

82 Mins.

Audio Options: English, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu

Subtitles: English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Arabic, Bengali

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